Quality System
Gusto is committed to Bringing you the best quality assurance as we spare no expense in introducing the latest precision calibration equipment, including three-dimensional CMM , precision in-strumental gauges, gear pitch measurer, that help to ensure all products fully meet your specifications, to your ultimate satisfaction. In keeping with education the company staff with a comprehensive quality assurance concept and capability that may help the firm produce goods of the highest quality, Gusto utilizes every comprehensive quality assurance system by fully implementing the 5S quality scheme to regulate our quality management system, as well as achieving a zero defect objective. As a result, our effects not only put the firm as a Class A manufacturing facility with outstanding quality assurance program in central China, but also offer confidence and satisfaction to our customers

It has also prepared us to become a model manufacturing facility in China in the machinery category nominated, as the firm secured the QO-9000 quality assurance certification.

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